Hello, My name is Crane Hanna, I've filmed many people from all walks of life... Oprah Winfrey, Whitney Houston, TLC, Paula Abdul, R. Kelly, Eddie Murphy, Prince, Redd Foxx and many others.  My work experience includes dozens of TV commercials, music videos and TV Pilots.  My latest creation, Modeles n Acteurs is a televised Film & Fashion Expo. Celebrity guest will introduce three attractions to a Global audience and promote the skills and artistic talents of members within the film and fashion industry


Modeles n Acteurs will host a televised  film and fashion expo in cities world-wide.
The EXPO will introduce a cinematic fusion of  models and actors performing on an super-extended  runway.
The entertainment includes a gallery of  100 models inside
 "fashion windows" 
 The TV audience will also enjoy   VDO BOOKS:  a short movie glimpse inside novels, short  stories and screenplays. 

Bring your skills to Modeles n Acteurs. We employ ambitious, career minded people who are committed to their goals. Cast and crew are needed from week to week ,  city to city

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    West Midtown Atlanta, Ga 30318 / 678 -590 -2430

I want to say thank you, to my sister Regina,  for referring my film & video services to her Celebrity clients, associates  and friends. 

The Late Great M J with Regina Brown-Daniels, 
Celebrity Publicist  with  Daniel's Entertainment Group.
 (Neverland  Ranch)
~ Invest in yourself and others will invest in you.~

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