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is an new platform for talents in the Film industry. We employ talents from the Modeles n Acteurs community to perform in 3 – 5 scenes, from Novels, Short Stories  Screen plays, Teleplays and Stage   plays. Scenes are performed with live actors, a director and a film crew.  This unique concept allows viewers to see the words come to life and give audience a more vivid impression of the story and the characters. We estimate five projects per city, per month. To join our film community go .

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To be considered for cast or crew, click on any book cover below. Read the Synopsis and Description of Characters. Go to the "HOME" TAB, click the 'CONTACT" button. In the comment box, 

Type in the Book Titles, The Authors and the Characters you wish to audition for. Someone will contact you within 72 hrs.

 Note: Please register if you are not a member of Modeles n Acteurs 

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