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Symbolizing a Journey ─ Learning Lessons ─ Letting Go ─ and Gaining Insight . . . tools that lead to relationships.“Not a Blueprint / It’s the Shoe Prints that Matter,” is a real-life adventurous story. The story takes you through the experiences of grief, pain, trauma, and forgiveness. Her story weaves lies with love, betrayal with deception and drama with murder. As the shoe prints are molded in and out of a variety of unhealthy relationships, they’ll leave behind a blazing trail of lessons. You will find, ultimately, this story speaks to the beauty of love, compassion, courage, determination, and strength. “Not a Blueprint: It’s the Shoe Prints that Matter. A Journey Through Toxic Relationships,” is a powerful, insightful, and inspiring personal story . . . a riveting account about one family’s cycle of toxicity.

Film Location: Atlanta, Ga

Character Breakdown: Nina, 19-22 years old Chocolate complexion. Short, oval-shaped face, curvy with tiny physique, small nose, long hair. – mother to baby, China. She has a free-spirit and known to be a dreamer. Has a relationship with a married man, but always looking for Mr. Right . . . someone who could be a dad to her baby.

China, 24 months, Chocolate complexion. a pudgy nose, and fine thin hair.

Craig, 25 – 30 years old, Chocolate complexion. 5’10”, brown eyes, short pudgy nose, stocky build, smooth talker, sharp dresser, quick thinker, a definite lady’s man, an ex-military solider. Biological father of China. Walk with a good posture. He’s sneaky, caddish, chronic liar. Married man, but takes on a mistress.

Marcus Whiting, 25 – 30 years old Chocolate complexion. Stands 5’ 6”, Weight around 175 pounds, clean-shaven. He’s a talented entertainer of an R&B group. He has mood swings; as a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde; and a believer of black magic.

Other characters: Mistress and 5 girl friends... descriptions coming soon.

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