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Fantasy Real


Dionne Moses is a self-made beautiful young woman from Baltimore, Maryland who believes she has everything together. As the creative director and manager at Luxe Salons. Dionne has the life of her dreams. She worked hard to get where she is and has no space in her life for careless distractions. Daydreaming about her favorite singer is the only action Dionne has time for. Then comes Damien Strong. A sexy R&B singer who enjoys his privileges as a nearly unresistant handsome young bachelor with enough money and power to have any woman he wants. Yin meets yang when these two come together and experience a connection out of this world. But their newly found passion is soon interrupted when past relationships that refuse to go away come in to play. Will their infatuation turn into a love that will guide them through tragedy? Or will the fire die and leave them to figure out what’s left when love and lust collide?

Film Location: Atlanta, Ga

Character Breakdown: More information coming soon, please check back in 48 hrs

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